Sovereign Global Treasury Monetary One and gold bullion Depository
Sovereign Global Treasury Monetary One and gold bullion Depository
UN ID #626139



  March 30, 2023 ORDER No 030

On the confiscation of the trademark Ticket of the Bank of Russia (Russian ruble) from the criminal sect of the Illuminati and their accomplices and the transfer of Ownership Rights to the Sovereign Country - the USSR represented by the State Bank of the USSR

  March 24, 2023 ORDER No 029

О лишении Правосубъектности и признании вне КОНа и вне заКОНа секты "чёрное солнце", Династий ТАН, ЛИ, корпорации КНР, императорской семьи Тайвань, цветных драконов и аристократий, "комитета 300"

  March 18, 2023 ORDER No 028

On the recognition of any currencies, means of payment that do not have Legal provision of sacred, systemic bank gold M0 (XAU) via M1 currency

  January 27, 2023 ORDER No 027

On the recognition of all puppet pseudo governments outside the CON and outside the Law in all countries of the World
About democracy - minority power, and The supreme power of the People.

  January 26, 2023 ORDER No 026

About the Nuremberg Tribunal, neo-fascists in the guise of radical Zionists
Harvard and Houston projects, radical Zionism
Sacred Spiritual Assets White Spiritual Boy (Treasures of RA)

  January 13, 2023 ORDER No 025

On the prohibition of financial turnover in the Global Financial System and in the entire world space of the US fiat dollar

  December 27, 2022 ORDER No 024

On the prohibition of the criminal clan of the Rothschilds and accomplices, the criminal fiat currency CBDC.
About the All-eternal recognition outside the CON and outside the Law, the disincarnation of Lucifer and Luciferianism

  December 3, 2022 ORDER No 023

On the prohibition of financial turnover in the Global Financial System and in the entire world space of the US fiat dollar

  November 30, 2022 ORDER No 022

On the deprivation of legal personality and recognition of the family members of the ex-President of the Philippines Marcos outside the CON and outside the Law

  October 25, 2022 ORDER No 021

Declare, Confirm and Declare illegal the Belovezhskaya Agreement,
announced on December 08, 1991 by Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich.
Revoke All Rights from Gerashchenko V.V.

  October 5, 2022 ORDER No 020

The International Organization "Socialist International" (Socintern), headed by Nikolai Petrovich Trusov, should be recognized as criminal and outlawed throughout the World.

  September 23, 2022 ORDER No 019

The New World Bank as the Main Regulator of the World Banking System and the Main Historical Bank of the World,
Sovereign Bank of the Order of the Hospitallers

  July 22, 2022 ORDER No 018

A detailed analysis of the current state of the global financial system. MK M1 loans are more than 170 billion. Gold Ecus.
Betrayal of generals surrounded by President Vladimir Putin.
On the deprivation of the Right to make decisions


About the beginning of the "Last Judgment of God" and the "End of the World"
for all who will NOT obey the Will of the Divine
and will ignore the call of God....

  May 13, 2022 ORDER No 017

The International Treasury 1 announces:
1) Default of the US Corporation and all its subjects and sub-subjects of law.
2) Start the liquidation process of the Fed .

  March 16, 2022 ORDER No 016

Revocation of assets in order to build a world free of nuclear weapons
AUKUS - Trilateral Defense Alliance

  March 13, 2022 ORDER No 015

Revocation of assets in order to eliminate all forms of discrimination, genocide of Peoples.
- United States of America

  March 3, 2022 ORDER No 014

Revocation of assets in order to prevent the Third World War and prevent the return of Nazism
- Federal Republic of Germany
- United Kingdom

  March 1, 2022 ORDER No 013

Defining the role
The State Bank of the USSR
in the restructuring of the global financial and economic system.
Activating new features

  February 27, 2022 ORDER No 012

About activation of blocking of all system access codes to accounting, distribution and control, which were available to the groups of Dark Nobility and all their affiliated organizations, banks, companies

  January 22, 2022 ORDER No 011

IT M1 proclaims the CREATION CON mandatory for all subjects of Law in the World.
Announcement of termination of all relations with the surname of financiers Rothschild

  January 13, 2022 NOTIFICATION No 010

Expression of respect and appreciation for the decision to award the highest status among the Sovereigns -
King of Kings

  December 22, 2021 ORDER No 009

The M1 International Treasury is determined to cancel/liquidate all fiat assets in the global financial system by 2027.
A Reminder of the Power of Divine Providence

  December 21, 2021ORDER No 008

To approve the freely convertible currency of the People's Republic of China in the Global Financial System and introduce it into the Global financial turnover -
"Gold Renminbi"

  October 1, 2021 ORDER No 007

On overcoming the global financial and economic crisis

  September 14, 2021 ORDER No 006

On the implementation of the international monetary reform

  July 17, 2021 ORDER No. 005

On the maintenance of international peace and security.
On the international monetary reform

  February 24, 2021 ORDER No. 004

On cancellation of historical financial assets in order to form a balanced new financial system

  October 12, 2020 ORDER No. 003

About the creation of the financial center:
"World Environment Organization"

  June 20, 2020 ORDER No. 002


  April 15, 2020 RESOLUTION 001

ON THE WAY OUT OF THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS. On the introduction of new world financial currencies into global financial circulation:
-Golden Soviet Ruble,
-Golden US Dollar,
-Golden Ecu