Global Treasury Monetary One and gold bullion Depository
Global Treasury Monetary One and gold bullion Depository
UN ID #626139




The Policy of the Treasury

The International Treasury Monetary One hereinafter referred as to “Institute”operates global orientedas Treasury and Gold Bullion Depository.


The Institute, granted and recognized by the United Nations with a sovereign state status, works as financial institution for exclusive members of the International Consumer cooperatives  'Light Great Russia' (further in the text “ICC LGR”).


These members contribute own funds /assets as share to the cooperative and the Institute accomplish and carry out all functions of a Treasury to manage, control and audit these deposits.


All these functions and the consequent rights and obligations comply with the international laws on the structure and duties of Treasuries and the statutes of the Institute.


The Institute is monitored, supervised and audited in cooperation with the worldwide leading financial institutions and the bodies of the United Nations.


All management activities and services are performed professional and with the aims to support international commercial and humanitarian projects and programs of the members.


The own developed management system, finetuned and operating and process with high-tech information-, reporting and verification system, secures transparency and auditability on real-time base.


The features of the management system present – next the monitoring of the Cashflow and Liquidity, the Payments, the calculation of FX variations etc. –support in loan, debt, investment and collateral requirements of the members / projects.


A particular and exemplified importance is assigned to the proficiency of the institute to convert the deposited assets in asset backed securities and gold backed treasury instruments.

This conversion enables to “cut” huge values and tailor it in movable and negotiable collaterals for Project Funding in terms of face value and validity.

A listing by any authority, in stock exchange or in any quotation system is not intended nor permitted.

This limitation is an important part of the proactive risk management in order to avoid incalculable situations and unnecessary loss risk for the members.

Because the gold deposits, backing the instruments, will be not purchased and the bond power is granted to the treasury, the monetizing of the collaterals is independent from any government acts and therefore free of any restrictions.

Therefore, the Gold Backed Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds have a high significance as an active and high-volumed contribution to replace smoothly the current financial fiat system back to Gold Standard.

Because the conventional fiat system cannot anymore guarantee economic development and stability, Gold, traditional deemed as save and reliable, is on the purchasing list of each central bank in order to back up the states currencies.

The Institute is an acknowledged member of the program to stabilize the current global economy and to prevent the occurrence of permanentfluctuations of currencies, rate values and exchanges.

As second pillow for management stability on anInternational, National and Local economy level, the institute provides and supports the members with automatic mode online banking services as integrated payment card system, as blockchain technology for contracting and the payment and trade with cryptocurrency, as a multicurrency exchange service etc.

So it  is a promise of performance:  the statutes and policiesof the treasury and its project funding and management system support the growth of the world wide economy!

Especially all technologies which face the current and structural problems of environmental pollution, health, food security, overpopulation, climate change andunfair distribution of income of wealth.

International Treasury Monetary One (further in the text “Treasury M1”) is a global Gold Bullion Treasury and Depository. It is an exclusive financial institution for exclusive members of International Consumer cooperative 'Light Great Russia' (further in the text “ICC LGR”).

As a gold bullion Treasury and depository, Treasury M1 has been established as a means to facilitate the many international projects and programs of ICC LGR in addition to providing financial services and support for those members of ICC LGR whose banking requirements are more nuanced.

Treasury M1 utilizes the most base principles of an economic system utilizing a Gold-Backed financial system designed to supplement the current economic system while at the same time avoiding the economic turmoil that ensues with the isolated economies of the globe and their inability to deal with the rapid rates of fluctuation that are routine in the economic markets.

Treasury M1 offers a host of services including commercial level investments, grants and humanitarian project funding, and of course, many different banking services.

Treasury M1 is able to safely and securely store and house valuable assets and issue SafeKeeping Receipts which are often utilized in international trade and commerce activity.

While Treasury M1  serves primarily as the Global Bullion Treasury and Depository, it serves many additional functions as well.

One of the main functions now entrusted to Treasury M1 is to participate in the reform of the World financal and banking system that has begun and being implemented by BASEL III and BASEL IV.

Treasury M1 received the functions of the manager of the Special Bank Accounts, which have in the basis sovereign guarantee by Precious Commodities (AU Gold, Platinium, Emeralds, Diamonds, Various Gems and Precious Stones, US Federal Reserve Notes (Cut and UnCut)). Treasury M1  is responsible for managing the security accounts of the World financial system.

Treasury M1 is a member of the program to stabilize the current global economic crisis and to prevent the re-occurrence of constant fluctuations in currencies, values and exchanges so that International, National and Local-Level economies all are stabilized and allow the people a more viable means for creating wealth and ultimately, for the provision of social and economic freedom to the People of the World.

United Nations registration is № 626139.

We hereby express our Respect to you and inform you that the International Consumer Cooperative Light Great Russia (hereinafter referred to as the “ICC LGR”), was organized in July 2018, on the basis of International Law, and is a Sovereign Subject of International Law. Since March 16, 2019, the ICC LGR has been registered with the United Nations, the General Secretariat and 26 major Organizations and Commissariats of the UN General Assembly, as a result of which the ICC LGR has been assigned a registration number in the UN system, No. 602009. The ICC LGR is established in order to implement the UN program «Agenda for the period up to 2030», as well as the implementation of UN's «Millennium Development Goals» (MDG) - eight international development goals that 193 member States the United Nations and at least 23 international organizations have agreed to achieve by taking part of the burden of responsibility to future generations.

On the basis of the Charter of the ICC LGR and International Norms on Mutual, Consumer and Cooperative Societies, the Treasury (Reg. № 1810110006400, Spec. № ААА 001) was founded and registered as part of the ICC LGR by the decision of its management board. Initially, the Treasury had the name «International Treasury of the Civil Society LGR», later by the decision of the ICC LGR, the name of the Treasury was changed to «International Treasury Monetary One». The Treasury is a Sovereign, International Financial Institution, and is registered with 26 Main Committees of the General Assembly and the General Secretariat of the United Nations, as a result of which the International Treasury Monetary One has been assigned a registration number in the UN system: 626139. Also, the International Treasury Monetary One is connected to the Telex international interbank system for conducting international financial transactions, telex number: 64 623439 ITMO RU.

The International Treasury Monetary One is an international sovereign financial organization designed to promote economic growth, develop trade and economic relations between countries and promote integration through investment activities. Our organization cooperates with many different structures, offering financial and economic support for the stabilization of local, national, international and global economic systems.

We also would like to explain that the International Treasury Monetary One is fundamentally distinct in its legal foundation from legal entities both in Russia and in other countries, and is a free Sovereign Society.

Based on the above, as well as on the norms of international law and the legislations of countries, the total number of shareholders of consumer, mutual and cooperative societies fall under the law on non-disclosure of personal data and the category of banking and treasury secret. In this regard, the disclosure of this information is an illegal action.

Please note that according to the International Law International Consumer Societies can have their own Treasuries (not controlled by an external regulator), and all shareholders of International Consumer Societies automatically have their accounts in this Treasury. Information about the availability of accounts and accounting of installments, as well as settlements within the Treasury, falls into the category of banking and treasury secrets. It is the Treasury of the International Consumer Society itself that represents the regulator of accounting for the movement of all types of installments, which conducts its activities in accordance with the norms of International Law.

In addition, we inform you that any account opened in your or any other bank by an International Consumer Society or the Treasury of this Society is the treasury account of a Sovereign Society, and cannot be blocked by a bank or financial institution without a decision of the International Court of Justice or an order from the International Treasury Monetary One itself.

The International Treasury Monetary One:

is the owner and manager of the World Account at the WORLD BANK, Account No. 01-00-01-4-AAA-777-C3-AM-01, distributed to various banks in 172 (One hundred and seventy-two) countries around the world.

is the owner and manager of the World Account in the WORLD BANK Account No. 01-1-700-3516 222 777 8888 999, distributed to various banks in 172 (One hundred and seventy-two) countries around the world.

is the owner and manager of assets, including accounts under the names: “White Spiritual Boy”, “Spiritual Wonder Boy”, “Spiritual Wonder Brothers”, “Morning Star”, “King David”, “Prophet Muhammad”, “Demas and Saint Timothy”, “White Mongolia”, “White Vatican”, “White Eagle”, “Maria Sinukuan or Divine Crystal”, “Maria Divine Banahaw or Sunflower”, “Maria Cristina or Divine Magdalene”, “Maria Makiling or Divine Ester Egg”, “Falcon”, “Alpha – Omega” and other accounts located in different Banks in 189 (one Hundred eighty-nine) countries around the World.

The transfer of the above-described assets was carried out in compliance with all international legal norms, interbank regulations, with all necessary notifications to the accounting systems of the above-described assets, such as the Depository of the UN Secretary-General, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the International Court of Justice, the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve System, the Bank for International Settlements (Basel).

Thanks to the interaction with a number of international organizations, under the auspices of the UN, within the framework of the UN program «Agenda for the Period up to 2030», in order to implement the 27 principles of sustainable development formulated in the declaration approved at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, a program was developed to create a new financial system in the World, taking into account that the old system based on the Bretton Woods system, the Bretton Woods Agreement led the whole world to financial crises, becoming the main factor slowing down the development of mankind on Earth.

The new financial system provides for the transition to the use of only valid money backed by gold, with the complete elimination by 2030 (withdrawal from circulation) of fiat money formed during the functioning of the Bretton Woods system and the subsequent Jamaican Monetary System. The new system of using real money being introduced in the world by the International Treasury Monetary One is based on four basic principles on the basis of which it is necessary to build a sustainable development policy, these are: (1) the principle of justice, (2) the principle of preserving the natural environment, (3) the principle of the integrity of thinking, (4) the principle of «thinking globally - acting locally».

Today the International Treasury Monetary One occupies the position of the main mega-regulator of the Global Financial System. Acting as the Global Regulator of the Financial System, the International Treasury Monetary One is gradually implementing the stages of transition to a new financial system, reflecting in its Orders (Resolutions) the main reasons for the transition.

An attention should be paid, the International Treasury Monetary One did not strive for the role of a Global Financial Regulator, but the circumstances formed by Holy Divine Providence created all the conditions and united around the International Treasury Monetary One serious institutions, Organizations, International organizations, prominent scientists, thinkers, philosophers of our time, putting before the International Treasury Monetary One aims at shaping sustainable development in the world and placing a huge responsibility before future generations.

Over the past period of more than two years, everyone who tried to challenge the legal right of the International Treasury Monetary One to the disposal of assets was convinced that all rights to the disposal and management of the assets moved to us with observance of all norms of law and the laws of our world, and was able to see the sacred basis of Divine Law as an indisputable fact, witnessing miracles of Saint Divine Providence.

The International Treasury Monetary One reaffirms the objectives, including the goal to carry out international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian nature and to be a center for coordinating the actions of nations in achieving these common goals and reiterating the need to strengthen the role of the International Treasury Monetary One in facilitating the financing of countries to ensure development.

The International Treasury Monetary One announces to the whole World the beginning of the Golden Era of Creation.

Chief Treasurer
of the International Treasury Monetary One


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